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School & Residency

Full-Time Training Programs 2019/20

Full-Time Training

  • Players train up to seven sessions per week.  Including video analysis, one-on-one sessions with the Coach, technical, tactical and weight training. Academics are completed through a FREE independent study program provided by County Collaborative Charter School.  Players stay in their own homes and travel to practices daily.

Residency and Full-Time Training

  • All of the above, plus living in a residential home with other players and two staff members.  All meals are provided, wifi, cable TV,  transportation to games and practice session, and free time are coordinated with the staff in the house.  Weekly chores are distributed by the staff and assigned to players. Players must commit to a 10-month housing contract. 

Players must apply for a trial via the Tryout Request Form.  Our Technical Committee and Technical Director of the Club will determine if there is space available and provide you with additional information on when a visit may be arranged

Complete a tryout request to receive further information.


Nomads commitment to the DA academy

Nomads have committed themselves to the DA Academy entirely from 2007 - The whole club is within the academy structure and we aim to continue this commitment for the long term -An example of this commitment was the purchase of a residency home for the club .This allows the Nomads to compete each year for players around the country and beyond . Staff coaches have been made full time and have the top licenses available in the country . Our collaboration with Rehab United assures that we have a company that can give advice and treat injured players .

The recent collaboration with the Chula Vista Elite training center has already spurned two residential education camps with 40 odd players from 2005 -and 2004 age groups 

Residency Program

The Nomads Residency Program aspires to help develop the best talent on student-athletes who strives to be better in the soccer field, in the school, and who desires to learn life-long lessons among elite youth soccer players from the United States and around the world. Residency players practice a minimum of seven times a week and play a maximum of two games under the supervision of our professional coaching staff. The program is designed to assist dedicated and talented players to reach the highest level of the game.

New Training Facility for 2020/2021

The Nomads International Soccer School are in negotiations to begin a new (additional)  Residency program to the Chula Vista Elite Training center.  We are excited to be able to offer this unique experience to serious soccer players who wish to pursue a career in soccer or just prepare for playing in college.  Player/Students are invited to attend ID Camps to be considered for this program. The Nomads staff are excited to add this additional Program to our Club.

* This facility will be a new program it will not replace our current programs. 

All Nomads teams and our current Residency Program will continue with their normal program  here in San Diego training at Kinsell Field, Nobel Athletic Field.  Additional programs (Team Camps)  select USSDA League  games will be conducted at the training center beginning 2019.

Nomads International Soccer School

The Nomads have been developing professional players since 1976.  We are not a big club in a sense that we have hundreds of teams, we prefer to concentrate on the most elite players and one team at each age group. 

In 2014, we added The Nomads International Soccer School a full-time residential training program.  We realized that in order to develop elite players to their fullest potential, players' needed to commit to training full-time, that means that their school work revolves around their training, rather than the other way around. 

With partnerships that we have cultivated over the years, we can offer players the ability to take advantage of the connections the Nomads have in the professional soccer world, as well as knowledge of how to successfully develop a professional player; something we are good at and have proven to do successfully many times - see our Alumni page.

Through our partnership with the  County Collaborative Charter School the Nomads International Soccer School stands ready to provide support to every Nomads player who is committed to making soccer his life.  We will help you achieve a High School education while working towards your goal.

To begin the enrollment process click here and download the forms below.

Bill Dobson, Credentialed Teacher, Program Development, County Collaborative Charter School,  Office (619) 535-2222, ext. 103,  email:

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