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Phone: 858-692-8720

Frequently asked questions


You may want to bookmark this page as we may add additional information as questions from the teams are submitted.   


Where:  Paradise Point Resort, 1404 Vacation Road, San Diego, Paradise Ballroom (left at the gift shop).

When: Thanksgiving day November 22nd 2018, 6pm - 10 pm

Local teams can check in Wednesday November 21st 6-7:30 pm


Each player and coach must have a laminated card from a US Soccer affiliate; USYSA State Association / US Club Soccer, or other US Soccer organization.

NOTE: We permit unlimited guest players, however, they must possess a card from the same Association; for example, if you are from California and you loan a player from Hawaii, they must both have USYSA cards. You cannot mix association's cards.  One solution would be if you are borrowing a US Clubs player,  please make sure you check with your registrar at your Club to figure out what to do.


Please ask parents and players not to call the Tournament Director's of the Nomads, only the designated contact from your team should communicate any questions or concerns.  Perhaps have regular meetings where you collect any questions that may arise and then send one email to the team. That is if the question isn't answered by looking through the information on this page.  Thank you for your support!



Friday:  Two (2) games.  One (1) between 8 am and Noon.  One (1) game between Noon and 10 pm

Saturday: One (1) game between 8 am and Noon.  Quarter Finals and some Semi Finals will be played between 2 pm and 10 pm. If the division is 4-6 teams, if the schedule permits we may hold a final in the evening.

Sunday:  Semi-Finals 8am - 12pm and Finals are played at 10 am, 12 pm or 2 pm.

The latest possible game will end (if overtime occurs) no later than 5 pm.  You may want to take this in to consideration if you are flying out.

Stay to Play Policy - Nomads Partner Hotels

If you live more than 50 miles from the tournament, we expect you will need overnight accommodation and require as part of our Stay to Play policy that you will select a hotel from our list.  Please log back in to your application and list the hotel where your team will be staying. 

Note:  The hotel list has specially negotiated rates that expire on the date posted on their listing.  Rooms may still be available after that date but not at the rate quoted; we have posted adjacent to each hotel which property we believe to be close to the fields that age group will play. However, having said that please know that we won't have the schedules finalized until late October, early November. The age groups listed are in the neighborhoods where they stayed.


At the Nomads web site you will see a login at the top left corner. This will get you in to your NOMADS Sports Engine account.  You will be able to find your team application under Registration History. Chose your application from the list and your application will appear on the right.  There are small "pencil" icons adjacent to various parts of the application, click on the pencil that is closes to the section above the area that you wish to edit and it will open up the editable screen.  Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page to SAVE / UPDATE your application.

Playing Fields

Fields are not booked until September, the City does not permit us to finalize permits until 3 months prior.  We start the game schedule generation mid October and finalize by early November.  We aim to release the schedule at least 30 days prior, with everything going as planned.  Note: games are subject to change and movement up to and including the night before kick-off (we don't like to make changes but if a field is closed on us due to weather or other issues beyond our control sometimes happens). 


Make sure the Coach and players know that we do not allow any type of casts to be worn during play, this includes soft casts and braces that contain hard materials.

Jersey Numbers

Login to your team account and load your roster, each player must have a unique jersey number. 


Rosters must be uploaded by both teams no later than Friday November 16 to give teams enough time to print the match reports (game cards).

Roster Size:

18 players per game for 11  v 11  and 9 v 9

14 players per game for 7 v 7

You will be limited on your roster overall by the maximum allowed by the association that issued you your cards; I believe US Clubs is 26 and Calsouth (USYSA) is 22 depending on the age of the players.

Coaching Conflicts

We absolutely cannot accommodate a coach who is attempting to:

  1. Coach a team at the Surf Cup (which is 45 minutes to an hour drive with traffic from the fields that we use).
  2. Three (3) or more teams.  We can accommodate schedules for two (2) teams.

The Coach's name must be spelled exactly the same way in both team applications for the software to do its magic; for example, both apps must say Michael if that's the coach's name and not Mike.

Each game is scheduled with four (4) hours between kick-offs.  Game times allow for at least a 20 minute interval between games that are scheduled back-to-back for example, 8:00 am and 9:30 am.  We always do what we can to put coaches games as close together but know that it is sometimes not possible if one team is playing 9v9 and one is 11v11 as they play at different venues.


The Nomads do not maintain an RSVP for college coaches and do not guarantee that coaches will be on the sideline.  

It is the players that drive the college coaches to our event.  If enough players contact the College Coach then it will be worth his or her while to make the trip.  They never just show up not having a plan of which players they are going to watch, so you must advise your players to write and start a dialogue with coaches as soon as they know their team has been accepted to play.

In October we will start gathering information of which colleges are recruiting, what their minimum GPA is, what their academic focus is, which positions they are recruiting and what if any scholarship assistance they provide, this should aid in the player's writing campaign.


We have sent a survey to college coaches. If the players forward this to the college coaches they are interested in we will add their information when they respond.  LINK

Goalie Wars

We will hold our Goalie Wars event on Friday November 23rd at UCSD Muir Field.  More information is available at the link below.  Applications will start to be accepted in October.  Entry is $50 per player; each player will have to provide their own balls and helpers to chase them.  If a player is scheduled to play a full refund can be provided.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Nomads Soccer Club & Academy and support youth in your area.

Sponsored by Become a sponsor

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Nomads Soccer Club & Academy and support youth in your area.