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Edit Your Roster

Nomads TG Tournament - Roster & Game Card Instructions



Edit Rosters & Printing Game Cards

How to Update and Generate your Roster in Got.Soccer:

1. Log into your account

2. from the home page click on "roster" tab.  This is where you can add players to your "primary roster" (if you are not adding players go to step 3).

3. From the home page click on Nomads Thanksgiving Tournament and then roster tab.

4. If your roster is complete click on "generate roster".  This will generate roster and allow you to print game cards.

5. From this roster page you can also add guest players by using the search tool labeled "add guest player" follow instructions.  If you cannot locate the player using the search tool you will need to go back to add to primary roster (see step 2.)

6. FINALIZE YOUR ROSTER. Generate roster and print your game cards before team check in.

Teams are required to generate roster and print game game cards.

Game cards will be required at team check-in.


Thank you, Nomads SC