Each youth soccer organization registers its players with an association that issues players cards, this ensures that your players and your coach are afforded secondary medical insurance.  This same organization issues along with the player cards an official roster.  All teams that attend our tournament must show valid, laminated Player ID cards with a picture and an official roster from an association that is affiliated with US Soccer.  Those organizations can be seen on the organizational chart below under YOUTH.  

The Nomads Thanksgiving Tournament is sanctioned by CalSouth (a state association within USYSA Region 4 - see map below).   


GUEST PLAYERS When considering a guest player make sure the player has the same type of cards than the team.  For example, if a player has a US Club Soccer card or AYSO card they can't use that card to play with your team if you are registered as a State (USYSA) team, or if you're a US Club Soccer team, you can't use a guest player with a card from a State (USYSA) or other US Soccer affiliate organization. The team that is competing, all players must have the same type of player ID card.  You may end up having to issue a new player card so the player can play with your team and drop them after the tournament.



If you have cards from US Club Soccer, this doesn't apply to you because they are a national organization.

If you have cards issued by a State Association (USYSA) and you are from outside of Region 4 (see map below), then you will need to get permission to travel and play in a tournament outside of your Region.  This means that the association is agreeing to extend your insurance coverages to play within Region 4.  Check with your local registrar to ascertain if this applies to you and what you need to do, as each State has different rules.


When we ask for an Official Roster, this means that this is the roster issued by the same organization that issued your player cards.  It does not mean the one from your Nomads tournament team page, nor is it a GotSoccer roster, or something you pulled out of your managers book such as an old match report.  

Its more legal than that.  It is a roster that does not need to be notarized or signed by anyone, but does need to be printed from the official organization that issued you your cards.  For Nomads, that would be Calsouth (USYSA).  This document shows us all your players details, plus their ID card #s. 


In normal league play, if a player or coach is written up for Violent Conduct the referee takes the player card away.  In a tournament with teams from all over the country we ask the Referees not to take the card (unless a player assaults the referee that is).  After the tournament we must send the offending player/coach information on a red card report to Calsouth.  It’s been impossible in the past to do this because we do not keep copies of the Player Cards, and on some rosters, we collect at team check-in they do not contain the player IDs, etc.  Therefore, this year we are asking teams to upload an image of each player's player card to their Team Roster, so that we have access to it should a situation arise, and we can provide a copy to the State Association after the tournament. 

 By uploading these images, it does not mean that we have approved your players and you don't have to go to Team Check-in.   We still need to see the cards in person.


At this event, we are reviewing your rosters and cards, we are going over your schedule to make sure you know where and when your team needs to be.  We also provide additional information that may come up as a condition of the facility rental, such as parking issues.  There are two options.

1.  Wednesday November 22nd 6-7pm Paradise Point Resort, 1404 Vacation Rd, San Diego, CA 92109 

Enter the resort and when you get to the Gift Shop intersection turn left to go to the back of the parking lot and the entrance to the ballroom will be on the left parking lot.

2.  Thursday November 23rd 6-10pm Paradise Point Resort, 1404 Vacation Rd, San Diego, CA 92109

Exceptions are by appointment with the Tournament Director 2 hours before your first game on a case-by-case basis because we have limited volunteers to help with Team Check-in this way.


Each team that participates has access to a customizable Team Page.  This page is linked from the game schedules. Click on your team name in the standings at the top of each schedule page.  Managers and Coaches can use the login info they received when they applied to log in.  Once logged in you will see a green navigation bar, on the bar is a link "Roster" here you can add and remove players and upload their basic information.  This is important for college recruitment purposes (U14 and older), as college coaches have access to a back-end database they can search for players information.  It is within the roster than you can upload the Player card images under the column called PASS.

Teams are requested to upload their rosters no later than November 17th. 

Once you have uploaded your roster, you should be able to print off your match reports from within your Team Page.


You may have seen a few schedules changes this week.  We fine tune the schedule when possible to accommodate coaches that have more than one team in the tournament.  This week we have also been able to acquire permits for better fields as High Schools are being eliminated in the CIF Football league, we have been able to rent beautiful new artificial turf stadiums.  We always try and minimize changes but sometimes it’s just unavoidable. We've had some requests to change early games on Friday to allow for travel from out of town, I'm sorry we cannot accommodate these types of requests.  This tournament was promoted as starting at 8am on Friday and it is expected that your team will be ready to play if this applies.