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Coaches Showcase March 2016
Sponsored by Demosphere International and Nike

 Nomads March Showcase 2016  - DEADLINE TO APPLY JANUARY 15TH


March 18-20, 2016

Under 14-19

Entry Fee:


March 25-27, 2016

Under 8-13

Entry Fee:


Games will begin at 5pm on Friday evening and end on Sunday afternoon or evening, depending on the number of teams in the division.

Classification:    Class 1  

Number of Teams:  A maximum of thirty two (32) teams in each division. Please note that we reserve the right to choose the teams who will give the best balance and highest level of play to the tournament. 

Eligibility: All players have a current player pass or equivalent national association and medical release. Unlimited loan players will be permitted to a roster of eighteen (18) per game.  We are now sanctioned by CalSouth so USYSA Region 4 teams do not need travel papers, just bring a printed copy of your roster or photo copies of our USYSA/State Player Cards.  US Club Soccer members need to bring their player cards and roster printed from the US Club Soccer registration software.  Maximum number of players is determined by your State Association or US Club Soccer.  You can name up to 18 players on each game card.   Rosters are frozen before your first game.

Format: Some divisions will be a showcase format.  Each team will play a minimum of three games and a maximum of six. 

Awards: Awards will be given to first and second place team members and coach. 

Youth Friendlies (Extra Games) If you are interested in signing up for extra games, come to Tournament HQ at 1pm on the 2nd day of play. You can post your contact information and hook up with teams that are interested, the Nomads do not schedule referees or fields for these games.

Number of Teams: A maximum of thirty two (32) teams in each division. Please note that we reserve the right to choose the teams who will give the best balance and highest level of play to the tournament.

Please note: Once your team has been accepted the Nomads reserve the right to not refund your entry fee if you should decide to withdraw your team from the competition. If you apply and are not accepted then your team will receive a full refund. 

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