1. 6V6 with maximum roster of 12. Must have a minimum of 4 players to play.
  2. No offside.
  3. Unlimited substitutions.
  4. 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half time.
  5. Game time is forfeit if opponent is a no show.
  6. Game is forfeit if all players do not have proof of age.
  7. Goal kick may not cross the half way line.
  8. Teams are responsible for side-line conduct.
  9. Zero tollerance for aggressive behavior.
  10. Games ending in a tie will only go to PK's if in Playoff rounds.
  11. Red Cards, player or coach will sit out one game. Violent conduct may result in expulsion from the tournament.
  12. Home team is listed first in the game schedule and must supply the game ball (Size 5).
  13. All teams must wear the same uniform with shirt numbers.
  14. Protests will be accepted in writing by the tournament director.
  15. All players must wear shin guards.
  16. No casts allowed.
  17. Referees decision is final.
  18. Rosters and player photos must be uploaded no later than 2 days prior to kickoff. Roster's frozen 24 hours before kick-off
  19. Coach to print the match report and bring 2 copies to Team Check-in.