Nomads Soccer Club Staffing 2017

Derek Armstrong, Director of Coaching/Academy Director

USSDA Head Coach BU17/18

Tel: 858-349-0869  Email:

USA A-License and English FA A-License

Curriculum development, Staffing, Finance, Health & Welfare, Board of Directors, Facilities, Vision, Business Plans, Fundraising, Politics, Non-profit compliance. Club, Academy, School and Residency Program Director.

Mary Kaliff, General Manager

Tel: 858-692-8720 Email: 

Nomads laison with the City of San Diego, School Districts, US Soccer, CalSouth, Hickman Youth Association, Tournment Director, Registration, Communication, Media, Fundraising, finance and accounts payable/receivable, Health & Welfare, Education Registration. Assist Director of Coaching and Technical Director. Works with the Club, Academy, School and Residency Program.

Petar Draksin

National Director of Scouting

Tel: 602-354-6718  Email:

Rachid El Bekraoui

USSDA Staff Coach of the 2002's

Tel: 951-216-9983 Email:

David Armstrong,  USSDA Staff Coach / Head Coach Development Teams

A License

Tel: 858-413-6879

Pipeline development for the USSDA teams.

Coaching, Recruitment, Leagues, Facilities, Camps

Nader Badawi


Telephone: 747-444-8318 Email:

David Nunez USSDA Apprentice Coach 2004's

C License

Tel: 619-632-8948 Email:


Sean Fortier, OC Nomads