Nomads Affiliate Program

We are seeking to expand our Nomads family to include Clubs in other areas of the USA and beyond.  The purpose of this is to be part of our scouting network and to provide additional resources to our USSDA teams.  Affiliates are able to utilize the Nomads coaching methods and logo to professionalize their Club. If you would be interested in learning more about this program, please contact Mary Kaliff 858-692-8720  This program is for Clubs with a minimum of 20 teams.


  • ​Ability to promote player from your affiliate program to the NomadsInternational Soccer School and Residency program in San Diego, where players will play on our USSDA teams, train full-time and complete their high school education while playing in the US Soccer Development Academy.
  • Ability to utilize and market with the Nomads logo.
  • Ability to register players with leagues and competitions as a Nomads team.
  • Automatic acceptance in to all Nomads tournaments.
  • Additional coaches education provided by Nomads staff.
  • Access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise to run your Club in a professional manner - Operations Manual and online knowledge base is available.
  • Take advantage of our accounts and wear the Nike brand.

Current Affiliates:

   OC Nomads - Frank Fortier (Orange County) 949-466-3129

   AZ Nomads - Lance Thompson (Phoenix, AZ) 650-339-3504